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How to uninstall Iperius Remote Desktop from Windows

Iperius Remote is a software for remote control, remote desktop and support that is very light and easy to use. It provides advanced features such as remote control for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, file transfer, chat, remote printing, session recording, unattended access, remote work, address book and unlimited remote computers.

The software is fully portable, and can therefore be used quickly without any installation. In this mode, uninstalling the software simply consists in closing it, using the X on the main window, or using the appropriate menu in the traybar:

Uninstalling the service (unattended remote access)

If, on the other hand, Iperius Remote has been installed as a service (if for example you are on a client that must receive remote assistance without remote user intervention), then you will first have to disable the automatic start, as shown in the image below.

The automatic start for unattended access can be disabled by opening any instance of Iperius Remote.

Once these operations have been carried out, Iperius Remote can be removed from the computer simply by deleting the IperiusRemote.exe file.


If, on the other hand, the software has been installed, and not simply started, we will have to proceed with the classic procedure of uninstalling a Windows program:

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